Friday, April 21, 2006

First Post

I finally decided to start a blog. I've been blogging a little at but would like to dig a little deeper with this whole thing. It will probably take me a while to get my blog up and running, you know, to where I like it and I know what I'm doing! Ha-ha! Just a bit about myself, I'm into almost anything creative. I've tried my hand at drawing, painting (watercolor mostly), photography, writing (stories and poetry), rubber stamping, knitting, crocheting, quilting, beading and last but certainly not least...scrapbooking! This is my main focus right now. I've been scrappin' for 10 years now and still LOVE it!

Well, I did it, my first blog post!


Anonymous said...

I like your page. I'd like to see more pictures. Is the rest of the house that messy?? Ha
Hope your hubby had a great bd.Wow you guys are getting OLD. Just you wait for 40!!!
Enjoy the last weeks of summer...August is kind of flying by.....

Anonymous said...

Well done Cindy - the blog is already looking good - you look like a really happy family!

Rona xxx

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