Tuesday, August 15, 2006

A Happy Birthday in the Sun

The birthday boy...yes, I think 37 years is still a boy. We spent the afternoon in Grand Haven on Lake Michigan. Our plan was to visit the two historical museums in GH and then walk to the beach. I was never very interested in history, but then I married Allan and 11 years later...I kind of love it. Funny how we change eachother for the better. We parked our car, walked the two blocks to the first museum only to find its doors locked and a sign that said, "Closed on Mondays." Bummer. We walked back the two blocks and then another block beyond our car to find the same sign at the other museum. Double bummer. At least we knew the beach would be open!

It was open, but the red flag was flying and I'm big on obeying the flags, so we only went in the water ankle deep. And actually, I stayed out of the frigid water...but Al and the kiddoes loved splashing in it.

We did bring a bucket and a couple of shovels so we could make a sand castle. Allan and the kids made the castle while I took gads of photos of course.

There it is, the work of my family...topped off with a seagull feather! They were everywhere...seagulls, and they were making Elijah quite nervous!

And finally a photo of me taken by the birthday boy. We rounded off the day by having dinner at Kirby Grill outside on the upper deck. A VERY happy birthday in the sun.


Anonymous said...

Love seeing the pics. Glad you guys had a nice day. Love that last one of you and E.

Anonymous said...

This is such a lovely photo Cindy - you look about 18 hun!

Rona xxx

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