Friday, August 25, 2006


Earlier this year Allan was laid-off from work. He was only jobless for about a month (most people in Michigan are not so lucky...there are a LOT of people who have been without work in our state for months.) When it happened we were devistated. But God opened some doors and Allan ended up getting a great job only 4 miles from our house! That poor guy has had to commute for years...anywhere from 1 hour and 45 minutes to 40 minutes. But this...this is AMAZING! He can actually come home for lunch a couple times a week...which the kids and I LOVE! One of those wonderful perks. Allan was home for lunch today and this is how he spent most of the time...playing outside with our kids. Life is good...REAL GOOD! What are your perks? Whatever they are, make sure you enjoy them!


Anonymous said...

My perks (aka my blessings). . .

-My "studio"
-Having a camper to camp in (no more tent)
-Living by the big lake
-Still being in love with my hubby after 9 years

Kendra said...

Here are mine:
-having a studio space (finally)
-two boys
- a supporting hubby
-having great connections with friends far away who live near a big lake! :-)
-close family near and far

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