Monday, November 12, 2007

My Birthday Tree

We are "artificial Christmas tree" type people, and we have been without one for the past 3 years. We had to get rid of ours a few years ago along with all the carpet, old furniture, etc., in our house because of Elijah's asthma. Anything with animal hair/dander and years of dust had to go. We decided not to buy another tree right away because Elijah was so little, and into everything, and it would just be easier not to have one. Well, I turned 35 over the weekend, (Man that sounds old!) and I decided that I wanted a new Christmas tree for my birthday gift. We actually bought the tree last weekend, and it was a fiasco.

We went to three different stores before finding one we liked enough to buy. After paying for the tree and exiting the store, we noticed it had started to sprinkle. We decided to just make a run for the van rather than Allan driving it up to the store. About halfway to the van it began to hail. Pea sized hail, but enough to make the kids yelp...and it did hurt. It started out light and then began to pour down. Lots and lots of pea sized hail. We made it to the van, I opened the side door, was just about to toss Elijah in and I noticed something odd. There was a red tool box on the floor of the van...I didn't remember that being there and then I looked at the bench seat in front of me and on it was a baby seat...WHAT?! Ok, I heard myself scream, "Allan this is NOT our van!" So yeah, we almost got into the wrong van. All the while, still getting pelted with the hail mind you. We searched for our van, found it, frantically ran to it, and piled in. The kids were freaked out by that time, but it was all good, no hail injuries, we had our tree and we were safe in the van.

So on my birthday this weekend, we celebrated by putting up the tree. I know it's way too early, but it's been 3 long years for the kids since we've had a full size tree. I think it will be fun to have it out a little longer than normal, and who knows, maybe we will make it a tradition to put it up on my birthday every year.

What about you? When do you put up your Christmas tree?


Anonymous said...

What a great story Cindy!

The day that we got that hail, Hattie and I stood at the back door watching it. The first thing out of Hattie's mouth was, "Mama, can I eat it?" Nice. What is it with this child and eating precipitation?

I think it's great you put the tree up on your birthday. What a fun memory that will be. I like to put ours up the day after Thanksgiving, but Jason thinks that's too early. So, sometimes I get my way, sometimes I don't. :-)

Karen Bowers said...

lol! what a great story.

we put up our tree a LEETLE later than you do apparently. ours is up usually the first weekend of december.

Anonymous said...

Holy Hail! Too funny about you almost getting into the wrong van. I can honestly say that I've never done that before! LOL...

You should totally make a tradition of putting the tree up for your birthday. I just bought one of those little 4 foot fiber optic trees for fun, and it's currently up in my living room. It's totally put me in the mood to decorate my entrie house for Christmas. But I guess Thanksgiving is only a couple of weeks away... so it won't be too wierd. We usually go up to the mountains the day after thanksgiving and cut down our own tree. This year I think dh has to work the day after, so we may just have to wait until the Saturday after thanksgiving.

I'm a 100% fresh tree person. I just love the smell, and the realness of it. I especially love cutting it down myself and hauling it to our truck. Especially when there is snow up to our knees!

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