Saturday, July 31, 2010


I attended the CHA Summer Trade Show last week in Rosemont with my girl Amy.

We drove to Chicago, and when I say "we" drove, I mean mostly Amy. Ok, totally Amy. Amy drove.

My sole purpose in the car was to distract Amy so that we completely missed Rosemont. (Well, that and to reach for stuff in the back seat.) Don't worry, we figured out that we'd missed Rosemont eventually, turned around and after being stuck in bumper to bumper traffic for what seemed like forever, made it safely to our hotel. It was all good though, it gave me more time to distract Amy.

Amy's enjoying the view from our 11th floor room.

Pretty sweet view.

I'm enjoying some rest either before or after dinner the night we arrived. Can't remember which. It's all a blur. That happens when you work at CHA. Things just sort of blur. And hair (or at least my hair) always goes flat. And zits spring up the day before you leave. And sleep...well, there just isn't enough of it.

This was my home for two days. The Fancy Pants Designs booth. The FP crew is always so much fun! Amy and I ran a photo booth (I'll share more on that in my next post) and I taught make-n-takes.

Some layouts on an outside wall of the booth. Yep, my super cute kids are on that wall!

The best part of CHA is catching up with long distance friends, meeting other scrapbook industry friends "in real life" and making totally new friends! I love to get photos with my friends, but, of course, the day that most of the photos were taken of me with my friends, was my worst hair day. I literally felt my hair flatten as I stepped out into the humidity. And the convention floor lighting seemed to spotlight the zit that was holding my chin hostage. And I had huge bags under my eyes because I didn't sleep the night before (took some allergy meds, I won't go into it.) Okay. Rant over. 'Nuf said.

Fabulous Cath Edvalson, Creative Editor for Paper Crafts Magazine.

Sweet and sunny Susan Opel, (an uprooted Michigander and fellow lover of Meijer) Editor for Paper Crafts Magazine.

Talented and fun Kim Jackson, Senior Editor for Creating Keepsakes Magazine.

Talented and stylish Amy Peterman and super sweet Vicki Chrisman, fellow Fancy Pants design team members.

Sweet and talented Jing-Jing Nickel with Amy and me.

Thanks for stopping by! Come back in a few days for my photo booth blog post. It will be a hoot! And I'll even try not to talk about flat hair and zits in that post. But no promises.


BabyBokChoy said...

It was a truly a dream come true to have met you Cindy. Not sure if you noticed me earlier but I was there at the Fancy booth before the CK lunch furtively looking at you and Amy and then quickly look away when you would look back, LOL, pathetic pathetic. xxoo.

Sarah said...

Cindy, you were still cute as ever (even with your self proclaimed flat hair and all)! :) Your pics prove it! Glad you had a great time. That's a trip I'll probably only ever dream about. I would love to go to CHA.

suzyplant said...

Well, look at you! I discovered two things from this post. 1) Cindy looks good with flat hair and a chin zit and 2) Cindy is a funny little thing and I love how she is showing her personality on this post! xoxo

laura vegas said...

you look super cute, even with what you say is your flat hair. lol! i know what you're talking about though ... when i went to CHA in january, i had some really bad hair photos. can't wait to see more :)

Anonymous said...

I had so much fun with you girl! Doing the photo booth with you was a hoot. I haven't laughed that hard in a while. But, now I'm having Cindy withdrawals. Ugh! We may have to Skype soon. Or, I may just have to make a trip to GR for a coffee date. It's okay to drive 3 hours just for a coffee date, right? :-)

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