Sunday, December 11, 2011

Little Yellow Bicycle

I hope you're enjoying the last bit of your weekend. I can't believe the kids have just one more week of school and then they're off for winter break! I really need to get wrapping those Christmas presents while the kids are still in school. Where are you in the gift shopping/wrapping part of this holiday? I'm pretty much done shopping and have just wrapped a few - lots more wrapping to go! The few I have wrapped I embellished with Little Yellow Bicycle products.

I used this plain lunch sack and a sheet from this LYB Paper Pad to wrap a gift for Moya. You can see it along with two other gift wrap ideas on the Little Yellow Bicycle blog. Go check it out - and have fun wrapping those gifts!


;sldjflsDKJflksdjf said...

Hello - I found you via Pinterest. I love your DIY crafts.

If you care to follow me back. Please find me at:

Anonymous said...

Got most of our shopping done online last night. So, lots of wrapping still to do. I'm heading right over to the LYB blog to get all the helpful ideas I can. =)

JENNY K. said...

Love the wrapping ideas! I just bought some craft bags this weekend to wrap up a few gifts.

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