Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Backyard Garden: A week of fresh veggies.

Our first tomato. It was delicious! Nothing beats a fresh from the garden tomato. We've picked three more since this first one. All delicious. Photo taken July 14th.

Our first picking of green beans and another zucchini. We steamed the green beans. They were yummy. I think I will try a few different varieties next year though, to compare taste. We've had a few pickings of the green beans over the last week. I also used some in a stir fry. Photo taken July 14th.

We picked our first carrot this week too. It was a little small yet. Moya tasted it and did not like it at all. She may not be the best judge though since carrots are not her favorite vegetable. I plan to make chips with that zucchini today. I'll let you know how they turn out. Photo taken July 20th.


Julie said...

I've been following your garden posts this summer. Beautiful! Check out the cover of Food and Wine magazine (August). I made this last night, but with green beans instead of lima. You could play with the veggies, and use what you have. The lime dressing was delicious and super simple. (And I don't work for the mag.) My few garden vegetables are quite a bit behind. Keep posting your successes.

fromafarr said...

Awesome produce! It's so fun to grow your own. You mentioned green beans...we plant yellow & purple and they are very tender and yummy. The purple turn green when cooked, so cool!!

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