Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Out & About

Saturday, Allan and I headed to Grand Haven for a chilly walk along the pier. We'd seen some photos of the ice online, but were still completely in awe seeing it in person.

There were some pretty amazing ice formations.

And some pretty slippery spots on the pier. It was basically a sheet of thick ice covered in snow.

I'm standing on the end of the pier and that is Lake Michigan behind me.

I was surprised to see there were actually more people walking on the frozen lake than on the pier. I have always had this crazy fear of walking on an ice covered lake. When I was little (about three or four years old) my dad took me out on a frozen lake for the first time. After he carried me onto the ice, he told me where we were, and I proceeded to scream at the top of my lungs. And I continued screaming until we were back on solid ground. I told Allan that we would not be walking on the ice. Then, after seeing the hundreds of people out there, I changed my mind and walked back to shore on the ice right along the pier. Mind you, I walked fast. Two days later I saw this news article. Next time, I'm staying on the pier.


jengd said...

SO cool looking (literally and figuratively!) I'm not sure how comfortable I'd be walking on it either though.

Anonymous said...

Great photos! That ice is amazing!

JENNY K. said...

Great photos! So glad you didn't fall through the ice.

Staci Taylor said...

That looks absolutely gorgeous, especially with all that snow and ice!

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