Monday, November 23, 2009

Fun Find: letter coasters

Every time I spot a cool product online I think, "I should post that on my blog." But I never do. Well, with Christmas so close, I decided to change that and actually start posting my fun finds. These Letter Coasters from Little Factory are the subject of my very first Fun Finds post. As a former graphic designer I have a soft spot for anything "type" and these caught my eye right away! They would be perfect for a designer, writer, school teacher or lover of typography.

I thought this Lowercase Scarf was pretty cool too. I should mention that I've never ordered from this company before so I cannot comment on service, etc., but the products are all fun and very well designed! They have lots of other stuff too, blankets, shirts, if you need some unique gift ideas be sure to check them out!


Ania said...

ooh awesome - contemplating wheter to buy these coasters for my sister + brother in law for Christmas or not...hmhmhm...thanks a lot for the tip!! :)

rhonda said...

LOVE the coasters!!!!

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