Wednesday, November 02, 2011


What are you grateful for? I'm grateful for so many things, and so many people. I am crazy blessed and love to reflect on those blessings, especially in November - with Thanksgiving on the horizon it just seems the perfect time for it. So I was thrilled to receive my American Crafts November blog assignment which was to create a layout and card with an "I'm Grateful for" theme. I chose to create the page about my mom and for my mom. You can read more about it and see my card on the American Crafts blog. I thought it would be fun though, to share a tip with you here that I like to use, and used on this layout.

I used a lot of letter stickers for my title – or journaling, it could be called either - its pretty long, right? By the way I found my awesome title on Pinterest. So how do you figure out how to arrange the words for a really long title without sticking down, pulling up and re-sticking the letter stickers until you like the results? Here is what I do. First I trace my selected letter stickers, forming the words of my title, onto something clear – like product packaging – with a Slick Writer or Sharpie.

I then trim the traced words out and arrange them on my layout. Sometimes I find that the letter stickers I've selected just won't work in the allotted space, so I select new ones and trace them. Once satisfied with the arrangement, I add the letter stickers to my page. Doing this might sound a bit extreme or time consuming, but it works for me and saves me from a lot of grief in the long run! It even saves my letter stickers...I can't tell you how many I ruined before starting to use this was a lot. 

Notice the little 2" x 3" white cardstock pieces? Those are templates I cut to represent my photos. I use them when designing my layouts before printing my photos. I have quite a collection of sizes cut out that I keep in a clip at my workstation. These really help speed up the process of figuring out photo sizes and layout of them on my page! I know there are some great templates out there for purchase, but I simply made mine with some cardstock scraps. Easy and affordable!

Have you seen this bit of news yet? It's another sketch class from Kelly Purkey! I was honored to contribute a layout for Kelly's class and if you come back to my blog on Friday I'll be posting a giveaway of the class!

I hope you are having a wonderful week! Mine has been crazy busy, but what's new, right?! :) Thanks for stopping by and have a blessed week!


Savannah O'Gwynn said...

Cindy--I LOOOOOOOOOVE this LO! I love love love everything about it! And I LOVE that you shared some tips and tricks with us! WOW! I wish I would have thought of something like this--LOOOOOOOVE!

Laina Lamb said...

This is genius. And yes, I would take the time to do this too!

katie said...

This layout is beautiful, and I love the idea of using the clear plastic- brilliant!

Danielle Flanders said...

Such a neat title! I love seeing your tips, I would have never thought of cutting paper the size of photos to lay out on the page!

Anonymous said...

Great layout, Cindy! I love the sentiment! And great idea, the photo-size templates, for designing your pages.

JCat McGack said...

I have to say you made my morning! The title/journaling is perfect. I hope you don't mind, I'm going to borrow the phrase.
Money is tight this Christmas so handmade is what I'm going to shoot for, for many of my gifts, and this would be perfect if I made it with pink and black for my mom's art room with myself and her, then my kids and her... I will post it to my site when I'm done, and be sure to link to you!! Thank you!! Happy Sunday!

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