Monday, June 17, 2013


Recently...I roasted chickpeas for the first time and they were awesome! To make mine I used a recipe from the Clean Food cookbook, but here's one online that you could try.

Recently...Allan ran another 25k. He was really hoping to run it under two hours, but he had some hip problems towards the end and came in at 2:04. I think that's an awesome time though, and I know he will hit his goal next race.

Recently...Elijah moved up to Gold Deputy status!

Recently...Moya went on her eighth grade field trip to Washington D.C. and Allan chaperoned. He also took a lot of photos. A lot.

Recently...this cute boy came home with a mustache, drawn on by his teacher for Field Day. His class took first place out of the fifth grade. I think the 'staches gave them an edge. Maybe an intimidation factor. Okay, maybe not.

Recently...this boy tried a fried egg for the first time and he cannot get enough! I still go "ewww" every time I see him eating one. I have never cared for them. It's the runny yolk. Just can't get past it, and of course that's the part Elijah likes best. Ewww.

Recently...we had an injured duck take refuge in our backyard, unfortunately, we scared her away trying to give her some water to drink. She had an injured leg. Poor thing.

Recently...a family of robins started visiting our backyard in search of worms. It's interesting watching the adults feed the babies who are pretty big and able to fly. I wonder at what age a robin starts to find it's own food.

Recently...we visited the zoo and Allan, Moya and Elijah tried out the high ropes course. I opted to sit on the bench and take photos. They all had a lot of fun, and actually, I had a lot of fun just watching them.

Recently...Moya had a piano recital. She rocked! She always does.

Recently...Moya had her eighth grade recognition ceremony. It's on to a brand new school in the fall. I still have not wrapped my brain around the fact that my baby girl with be in high school this September. little man turned eleven. He had a great time celebrating with family, friends and donuts. Lots of donuts.

p.s. This "Recently..." post actually spans an entire month. Things were pretty crazy the final month of school. We're settling into a nice summer routine now and I hope to post more regularly again, including more artwork.

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Terri H. said...

We recently discovered roasted chick peas from the bulk food store and are addicted! I never thought to make them our self. Thanks for sharing. :-)

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