Friday, December 27, 2013

December Daily: Days 23 - 26

Moya got her nails done with a friend on the twenty-third. Since the polish was shimmery, I played off from that for this spread. Meaning - lots of sparkle.

To give it some shimmer, I added clear glitter over the chipboard snowflake. It kind of looks like a sugar cookie...which makes me want a sugar cookie.

We celebrated Christmas with Allan's family on the twenty-fourth. I created a photo grid in Photoshop Elements for the left page, leaving room for embellishments.

To allow the bow to come through, I cut a hole in my page protector. This looks so much better than a flattened bow beneath the page protector. I added a little pizazz to the ribbon by layering washi tape beneath it.

I created a photo grid for the twenty-fifth as well. This is a really easy way to include lots of photos. Just lay them out in your photo editing software and then print them on one sheet of photo paper. Add embellishments and then slide the print into your page protector. Easy.

On day twenty-six we decorated gingerbread men. I picked up this kit at the grocery store, that included gingerbread cookies ready for decorating. We had so much fun, but the cookies tasted pretty nasty. I guess if you want to be able to eat them, you need to bake them yourself. Lesson learned.

p.s. These are pages from my 2011 December Daily. The "why am I posting them in 2013" can be found in this post. Thanks for stopping by!

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Pearl Maple said...

your Dec Daily album is great fun to watch the days building, thanks for sharing the creative inspiration

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