Monday, March 17, 2014

Art Journal Play

The focal design of this page was created from a texture rubbing, which is a pretty simple technique. I placed a sheet of tracing paper over a raised scroll work design and rubbed a graphite stick over it to pick up the design. Do you remember when you were a kid, placing paper over a leaf and rubbing a crayon over the paper to pick up the leaf shape? It's pretty much like that. I then placed the tracing paper, graphite side down, onto my art journal and used a burnisher (rubbing hard over the design) to transfer the graphite. Finally, I painted over the graphite. The graphite shows through the paint a bit which gives it some cool texture. I love texture. I used a lot of it when I was scrapbooking, and I'm having fun finding was of adding it to my artwork.

This spread was pretty fun to create and actually required no drawing. I might have to try this technique with some leaves once we have some on the trees again.

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