Monday, March 24, 2014

Art Journal Play

Impressionism has always been my favorite style of painting. I loved learning about all the great impressionists in college. My favorite painters are impressionists, but I find this style extremely challenging to achieve myself.

I used a pencil eraser and q-tips to create this acrylic, pointillism portrait. I doubt that Georges Seurat would've been very impressed, but I'm fairly happy with it. The process was a bit challenging, and I did not like this piece during most of the process. In the end though, after some outlining and adding the bright background, I kind of, sort of like it.

The texture that you can achieve with this technique is pretty awesome.

Would I try this technique again? Maybe. Part of me wants to keep trying until I feel I've sort of mastered it, and part of me wants to just run away screaming. ;-)


Unknown said...

I love it!!!! the texture gives it almost a sparkly quality. In fact, at first glance, I thought some of the circle shapes along her hair were clear sequins. Very cool. Keep creating and keep posting. I love seeing it all!

JENNY K. said...

I'm loving all of your artwork in your recent posts! All so beautiful. What mediums are you using and which sketchbook did you purchase. I love the paper in that book. :-)

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