Friday, October 27, 2006

My Little Pumpkin

...or as Elijah would say, "punkman." We need to work on that one...but it is so stinkin' cute to hear him say it! We went on a fieldtrip this morning to Knott's Greenhouses. We saw some bunnies, goldfish, a pony, goats, pigs (including Wilbur the pig), chickens and a very large (and thankfully) very fake spider named Charolette....oh yeah, and punkmans...I mean pumpkins. We went on a hayride but had to just ride around a parking lot since it was raining and the field was too muddy. I think Elijah's favorite part though was the corn stalk maze. He loved running through that...again, and again, and again...My favorite part? Watching Elijah have so much fun!


Anonymous said...

wow I cant beleve that Elijah went throo a corn maze. I rely like how you put the pumpkins in front of Elijah.

Tina said...

Punkmans! How stinkin cute it that!!

Awesome photo what a doll he is!

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