Monday, November 13, 2006

Party Animals

Elijah wanted to be a cow for his party at school. He made a very cute cow. And I must say he is looking very cool in his sunglasses. On the drive to school, every time I looked in my child rear view mirror I couldn't help but smile. So, I just had to take a photo of him in my driving rear view mirror just to remember that stinkin' cute!

For the party at our church, Moya and Elijah both wanted to be puppies. Their costumes were a big hit. We got so many nice comments...but there was one problem. Poor Moya kept getting called a boy, by the people that didn't know her. I think I should have added some pink ribbon to those long floppy ears. She finally just took the hood off so her long hair and pretty face more being called a boy! I should mention that we borrowed these amazing costumes from my brother. He has quite a collection. Thanks Uncle Steve!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

What a doll! How could you not smile looking at that costume and the little face sticking out of it?

Found your blog through!

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