Saturday, March 15, 2008

tv Troubles

I created this layout using lots of great new Fancy Pants products.
This was a brief conversation between my son and I. I’m not sure why he came to the conclusion that he did, but it certainly was funny.

Elijah: What happened to the t.v.?
Mommy: I don’t know.
Elijah: I think Jesus stopped it because it was a bad show.

( Uh, okay...this was our conversation after cable went out during your afternoon cartoons.)

I created my own t.v. using felt shapes, buttons for the knobs and decorative pins for the antenna. I used a piece of blue patterned paper for the screen. I created a "fuzzy" static filled screen with machine stitching in 3 shades of blue thread and streaks of white acrylic paint.


Anonymous said...

Hi Cindy, I've found you! I saw your food allergy layout in the New BHG mag and I could totally relate. My entire family have been doing NAETs, an allergy clearing technique over the past few months for all our allergies with astounding results. Would love to pass the info onto you and tell you about it if you are interested. For those of us with allergies it's THE magic cure.

Anonymous said...

Hi Cindy!
I love this layout. Very cool tv! Love what Elijah said, too. It is so fun to hear our kids' views on the world and what happens in it.

Dena said...

You are too freakin awesome for your own good. That TV is INCREDIBLE!
Hope you are doing well :)

Sherry Wright said...

This so rocks, love it Cindy!

Anabelle O'Malley said...

So glad to have found your blog! LOVE this layout. That TV with the static is just brilliant!!!

Natália Rosin said...

Wow!! This LO is absolutelly awesome! Love the sewing!

Jennifer Priest said...

Love the little TV!! How fun!!

Lisa said...

That is fantastic. I think your TV is absolute genious!! Great, great job!!

Kristin Hayne said...

Yep.... my genius friend! That TV is too creative for words.... can you just send me some of your ideas into my brain..... I'm in a slump! :) LOVE this... one of my alltime favorites of yours!!

Love ya girl!! Glad people are finding your site! :)

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