Friday, October 14, 2011

Too many (yarn) tails!

I've been doing a lot of this lately.

Playing with fiber. Knitting. Crocheting. Making stuff for those I love (while watching football - Go Lions!). And much to my chagrin, weaving in lots of these.

Yarn tails.

I loathe those two words. Not when used separately mind you. I'm perfectly okay with the word "yarn" (actually I'm more than okay with it, I LOVE that word) and I have nothing against the word "tails" - but when they are together, side by side, in that order...I do not like. Do. Not. 

(Yarn pictured is Fourth of July from Briar Rose Fibers. Scarf is a simple k2, p2 rib.)

I knit this long skinny scarf for Moya and I'm looking at it now thinking, "why didn't I just knit it one color? Or make all the stripes wider, MUCH wider? But I know why. It's because I wanted to knit a striped scarf for my little miss...or maybe I'm just a glutton for punishment. It's definitely one of those two. Stay tuned for photos of the final scarf modeled by Moya...hopefully before winter has come and gone.

So what part of your hobby could you do without?


Anonymous said...

I'm with you Cindy. I hate weaving in the ends. It just never looks hidden enough. Either that or I just don't know the tricks of the trade. If you have any magic secret, please share! :-)

Tracey said...

Ugh, I have to agree. Weaving in the tails is the worst. The knitting has such a fun and relaxing rhythm, and then having to weave in tails just brings back all the tension and stress for me.

Another downside of a hobby? I learned to machine sew this year without realizing how much IRONING all the projects call for. I hate pressing seams!

Kim said...

Yes! Yes! Yarn tails are truly evil. I suck at weaving in.

Kristin Hayne said...

LOL... it is a gorgeous scarf though.... I wouldn't even know the FIRST thing on how to get rid of those. :)
My nemesis in scrapbooking is putting it all away.... the scraps too... I just can't bear to part with any of it...

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