Saturday, August 25, 2012

Project Life: Week 3

Only one insert for week three - a postcard placed into a Becky Higgins 5x7 pocket. The postcard is a bit smaller than the pocket, but I think I'm going to leave it and just let it float in there. If it bugs me I'll take it out and trim it down.

I used a Faber Castell Gelato (orange pigment stick) on the chevron paper behind my "week 3" card. The original stark white and bright orange zigzag design was a little too busy within the title for my taste. I added just a few strokes of pigment and a light wash of water so the white does show through a bit here and there.

I used that orange pigment stick again - on the "coffee press" card. Such a fun way to add color! I hand-cut the heart from a Starbucks cup sleeve. Don't throw those away - use them to add some texture to your scrapbooking. I'm also cleaning out my label sticker stash for this album. The orange labels on the 3x4 photo of my hubby are old ones from Scenic Route! I knew if I hung onto them they would come in handy! I think after a few months I will need to replenish my label sticker stash...maybe sooner. I'm really going through them fast. Anyone have some favorites you'd recommend? Digi labels might be a good idea...though I still like actual labels that you stick on. I'm old school like that.

Well, that's it for week three. Pretty simple.

We're laying low and relaxing today. Moya and I were up way too late last night watching chick flicks and making (and of course eating) homemade coconut chocolate chunk cookies. The boys were at a Boy Scout camp out at our local class A baseball park - watched the game, fireworks, a movie and then camped in the outfield with hundreds of other scouts. Needless to say, none of us got enough sleep. It was worth it though - lots of fun! I hope you are enjoying your weekend - I'd love to hear about it!


Anonymous said...

Great pages! Love the Faber Castell Gelatos - fun stuff to play with. I can see how you would run out of the label stickers fast. I like the look of them on your pages and all the arrows - Fun!

Nirupama said...

Martha Stewart labels from Avery are great. Lots of different colors sizes and cheap! Thanks for sharing your pages.

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