Monday, October 01, 2012


How will I ever wrap my brain around this one? Thirteen. My little girl is...well, not a little girl anymore. Actually, she hasn't been for quite some time now. But still. Thirteen? Yep. It's true. I'll come to terms with it...eventually. Or so they tell me.

Actually, I'm not sure which is worse. The fact that my baby turned thirteen, or that I am now the mother of a teenager. I'll let you know if I figure it out.


Julia said...

It doesn't feel like we're old enough for it, does it?!?!
Happy Birthday, Moya!
Love the brownie stack!
Were they GF?
They look super yummy!

Terri H. said...

Love the pictures, especially the smokey swirls. So cool. Happy Birthday to Moya and I know what you're feeling. Been there and now my oldest is turning 33 next week. Ouch! :-)

JENNY K. said...

Happy, Happy Birthday Moya!! ...and yes Cindy, I agree with you, where does the time go? Love the shot with the candle smoke.

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