Saturday, October 06, 2012

T-Shirt Painting

Moya (she's the one holding her pretty little light sensitive eyes open - silly girl) usually chooses something artsy-crafty to do at her birthday parties. This year it was t-shirt painting.

I found t-shirts and these super cool glow in the dark fabric paints at Hobby Lobby. They are squeeze bottles with fine tip openings - so you can easily write or draw with them. You can also stamp with them - just squirt a little paint onto a foam stamp, distribute paint over entire stamp with your finger or paint brush, and stamp onto fabric.

Moya and one of her friends opted to create some fun scribble art with stamped images on top.

Her other friends drew inspiration from The Hunger Games for their t-shirt creations.

Moya really layered on the paint, which looks very cool, and she will definitely glow brightly in the dark -  but something to keep in mind if you try this yourself - her t-shirt ended up being pretty stiff once dry. Less paint makes for a softer, more flexible finished t-shirt. Also, make sure you place a piece of cardboard or waxed paper inside of the t-shirt to keep paint from bleeding through to the back.

I was hoping someone would add some cute edging to their shirt. Love this!

And of course we had to take some silly pics of the girls wearing their T's. (They may never let me take their photos again after I post these.)

The girls really loved this least they told me they did. If you have any questions let me know in the comments.

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Julia said...

Looks like they had a ton of fun together. Great idea! My daughter likes to embellish her t-shirts with paint or iron-ons.

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