Monday, February 11, 2013

A happy, busy, weekend.

Saturday morning found us at the Rockford Ice Festival. This year Allan's parents came too. Ruth lived in Rockford for a few years as a young girl so it was fun for her to see how much the town has changed.

Moya and I are taking in the beautiful frozen river.

 I love this photo of Allan's parents, who by the way, have been married for fifty-two years today. Awesome.

Allan and Moya attended the Father/Daughter dance at school Saturday night. It was bitter sweet as this was their last Father/Daughter dance since Moya will be in high school next year. Elijah and I had our own Mother/Son time which involved playing Uno, eating french fries and watching Over the Hedge.

And to top off an already amazing weekend, Elijah was baptized Sunday night. We are so proud of him and so blessed to have a son, and daughter, who love the Lord so much.

Happy Monday!


Anonymous said...

Sounds like a busy but great weekend with lots of special memories made. Congrats Elijah!

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful weekend full of blessings!!!

Sarah said...

Those baptism pictures made me all teary! I can't watch a baptism w/out getting choked up. What a special weekend for your whole family!

Katy said...


What a blessing to have a child openly acknowledge their own faith! Good job Mom and Dad!

Your daughter is so beautiful, and I'll bet you NEVER hear that she looks like her Momma!

ruth said...

I love seeing the photo of your in-laws! It reminds me of mine, right down to the Pioneer hat!

How awesome your son chose to be baptized! There is nothing better than having our kids love the Lord and want to make an outward statement saying so. My fave verse is 3 John 4

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