Monday, February 18, 2013

Valentine's Day Recap

My Valentine's Day card for Allan this year. When did I make it? February 14th. In the afternoon. Yep. I cut it kind of close. I used to be so prepared for holidays, birthdays, and such. I'd have cards made well in advance and gifts thoughtfully purchased, made, or planned...I don't know when exactly things changed, but they did. I seem to always be scrambling to make a card, or buy a gift. Thankfully my family and friends still love least I think they do.

Since I've been painting lately I decided to pull out my Koi Watercolors for Allan's card. I printed out a photo of us from our Christmas card photo shoot. I'm getting a lot of mileage out of this particular photo - I also put it on a mug for Allan this past Christmas. For the card, I cut the heart with a craft knife and I simply doodled and painted a scalloped edge around it. I even add an "A + C" to the back of the card for fun.

Here's that mug I mentioned. I actually Photoshopped the kids out of the photo for the Valentine's Day gives the illusion that we were alone...something that has rarely happened over the past 13 years.

For dinner I made a heart shaped pizza! The kids loved it. Allan and I did too for that matter...oh, and yep, you're looking at a cheese-less pizza. We are all either allergic or dairy intolerant.  

For dessert I made little heart shaped pizzas topped with maple syrup, thin sliced apples, raisins and pecans. Delicious!

How was your Valentine's Day?

p.s. Thanks for all your kind words about Elijah's baptism. I have the best blog readers!


jengd said...

Love what you did with the card- simple but so wonderful! And I'm with you- I tend to make cards at the last moment though I have the best of intentions.

Anonymous said...

I think your card and mug are great! I love the heart pizzas, too. I started Dave's card the night before and finished it the day of. I sent the kids e-cards, because they like to get email, (so those were really easy). Then, we had Dave's favorite for dinner and chocolate cupcakes. It was a nice day.

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