Friday, April 05, 2013

Project Life 2012: Week 25

Week twenty-five consists of a 12x12 multi-pocket page and an 8 1/2x11 insert that I trimmed down.

The top photo is of Allan and Moya with ultramarathoner, Scott Jurek at a book signing. They actually got to go on a trail run with him too. They were so excited!

This is Moya's first realistic portrait sketch. I am so, SO proud of her! When I printed this page I thought I still had some 8x10 inserts. Wrong. So rather than order some and have to wait for them, I simply cut down an 8 1/2x11 insert (which I have plenty of) and closed the edge with a strip of washi tape.

The back of the insert. Yes, we watched a lot of movies in week twenty-five! I designed this page in PSE and printed it out on one 8 1/2x11 sheet of photo paper.

p.s. For those wondering why on earth I'm posting 2012 Project Life pages in 2013...I got a little, okay, WAY behind because of an illness last year, and well, I'm too stubborn to give up on completing my 2012 album.

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Anonymous said...

Love Moya's portrait! She did a great job! I love your page of movies too. Great idea for documentation.

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