Wednesday, July 03, 2013

Backyard Garden: Hello zucchini.

I had no idea the zucchini blossoms would be so huge, and so beautiful. Seriously. If they weren't attached to zucchini I would love to put some of these in a vase! I was super excited to see all the little zucchinis that have started to grow. We counted six today.

The green beans are starting to blossom.

Our peppers are still growing well. I may need to prop the plants up since they're pretty heavy with fruit. My cherry tomato plant is not doing so well. I did a bit of research online and I think we are under-watering. So, we're going to step it up with the water and see what happens. I really hope that's the problem since it's easy to remedy.

Photos taken June 28th.


Anonymous said...

Your garden looks great! Soon you get to eat the fruit of your labors =)
The zuchini flowers are beautiful and edible too. I have not eaten them, but I've seen them prepared on a cooking show. Maybe I'll have to try that this summer after harvesting some from my garden.

Anonymous said...

I love seeing your garden growing! The zucchini look great! I hope ours does well this year. Last year we had such a problem with squash bugs that we only ended up with a few fruit.

We need to chat again. Have time this week? I miss you!

stefani said...

Zucchini is something I have always wanted to grow in my garden. That is when I finally get around to having a garden. I had no idea they had such pretty flowers.

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