Friday, July 05, 2013

Project Life 2012: Week 39

Week thirty-nine consists of two 12x12 multi-pocket pages and one 8.5x11 insert.

I chose not to insert an item into the pocket containing the Glee Gum packaging from the previous week. I like that you can see the back of it too.

The 8.5x11 pocket holds more of Elijah's schoolwork. 

All of the photos on this page are from Moya's thirteenth birthday party. Moya and her friends are all wearing t-shirts that they painted the night before.

I used one of the arrow sticky notes I found at Target to symbolize Moya's growing up. Oh, and one of the reasons I chose to use a lot of blue for week thirty-nine is because it's Moya's favorite color.

I cut a heart from some fabric to include on this fun photo of Moya with her girlfriends.

p.s. For those wondering why on earth I'm posting 2012 Project Life pages in 2013...I got a little, okay, WAY behind because of an illness last year, and well, I'm too stubborn to give up on completing my 2012 album.

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