Thursday, October 31, 2013

Moya's Native American Costume (on the cheap)

I am constantly amazed by this girl's creativity. She made another awesome, low-budget costume this year.

Moya made her costume out of two white t-shirts purchased at Michael's ($2.50 each) and some brown Rit dye ($3.50). We looked for brown t-shirts, but couldn't find any, no matter, the dye worked great!

For the tunic, Moya cut the t-shirt sleeves into fringe. To make the top fitted, she cut both sides of the t-shirt into strips and tied the corresponding front and back strips together. She learned this technique (to make large t-shirts form fitting) from a friend I think, several years ago. She also cut the crew neck into a v-neck.

She found a video on YouTube to make the skirt from a t-shirt, and put her own spin on it. (I'll share the link once Moya emails it to me. I think the video shows how to make the top and skirt with one t-shirt, but the top is cropped and the skirt is mini. Moya chose to go a more modest route.) Moya cut the t-shirt right below the arm holes and used the bottom portion for the skirt. *Update: I was wrong. It wasn't a video. Here's the tutorial Moya used to make her skirt.

Cut about one inch off the the top of your skirt to use as a belt. Cut slits about half an inch from the top of the skirt to run your belt through.

Moya used the top portion of the t-shirt to cut strips that she looped through holes around the bottom of her skirt for some fringe.

She went with a single french braid for her hairstyle, adorned with a couple feathers. Moya has been infatuated with all things Native American for years, so she has quite a collection of Native American made jewelry and even some moccasins, which of course worked perfectly with her costume.

If you have any questions let me know.


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Anonymous said...

What an awesome costume?!? Way to go Moya! You look beautiful!
~Mrs. Molewyk

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