Wednesday, October 02, 2013

Sketchbook: Ludington

I have a couple more watercolor sketches completed in my Ludington vacation journal.

Sketches of my two favorite guys enjoying time at the beach. The house rental had Lake Michigan beach access. So awesome. We took the kids down for a swim the first night we were there. I love how the sketch of Elijah turned out, but not so much, the one of Allan.

I used some graphite to further define Allan's face and wish I wouldn't have. It was hard to blend on top of the gesso and ended up looking gritty. I don't mind it on his jawline and chin as it gives the suggestion of stubble, but I'm not lovin' the gritty look on his forehead. Next time, no graphite.

I did really enjoy creating these sketches. There is something about drawing people that I've always loved, especially people that I know and care about.

Supplies used: gesso, watercolor travel set, gouache, water brush, pencils, and waterproof pens.


Anonymous said...

Awesome job, Cindy!
Can't wait to see these in person.

fromafarr said...

Wow, these are amazing!

Wendy said... are great at drawing people! I used to like to try my hand at it but could never get the proportions right. Did you get my email about the CK mixed media prize?

Cindy Tobey said...

Thanks Wendy. Yes, I did get your email. I sent you a response. Maybe it went to your spam folder? I sent your info to CK so they will be sending you your copy of the Mixed Media special issue.

Wendy said...

Thank you, Cindy!

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