Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Lovin' FedEx Kinko's!

Aren't they pretty? Office Supplies....and Spiral binding. I never knew that spiral binding could make me so happy! I got this Autumn Leaves book for Christmas and the pages started falling out almost immediately. I heard that Kinko's does spiral binding for only $4. I decided to try it this morning, and! Just look at that pretty black coil. I'm so diggin' it. I think I may have all my idea books spiral bound. So of course it took a few minutes for the nice lady at Kinko's to do and of course I looked around at the office supplies...dangerous for me...I love office supplies and am an organizational freak. Anyway, I'm glad it didn't take the whole 10 minutes that I was told it would because I probably wouldn't have gotten out of there with just the two office items. Aren't they fun though? A RUSH stamp and "Hello My Name Is" tags...they are just screaming to be on a scrapbook page!

Oh, and my main reason for visiting FedEx Kinko's this morning. I sent my CK HOF entry in. Now the wait. Would be cool to win...but the challenge of entering is pretty fun in and of itself...ok, yeah, I'd really like to win. :)


Anonymous said...

Awesome spiral binding!!! I think I have a few books that I need to get bound!

Anonymous said...

Fun stamp! :-)

Everyone take note, Cindy is going to be a CK Hall of Famer this year, I just know it!!!! This girl oozes of talent!

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