Monday, December 20, 2010

ck @ cafe press

The other day I received this package in the mail from my sweet friends at CK.

Did you know that Creating Keepsakes magazine has a shop at Cafe Press? And they have some really fun, new designs that you can get on several different products: t-shirts, water bottles, tote bags, clocks, and lots more!

I love the Cafe Press packaging! Isn't that little owl the cutest?!

Totally love the kraft paper wrap and Cafe Press sticker. But even more, I LOVE the t-shirt design!

Umm, okay. THIS is by far, THE coolest t-shirt I have ever owned! (Sorry honey, but it IS cooler than any of my sports team tees.) And I really do believe that scrappers are WAY cooler than ninjas! Though I'm sure my eight year old son would disagree...but he'd be wrong. ;-)

I love the little scrapper ninja with camera and scissors! I think I may need to get myself a red band to tie around my head too.

I love my new tee! And I'm glad it looks cute over a long sleeve tee since short sleeve weather is a few months away.

So this is just one of several fun designs at CK Gear & Gifts, there are lots more! Go check them out and order yourself a little gift! You'll be the envy at your next crop! :)


Megan said...

Girl, you're rockin' that shirt! I love it. Hi-ya!

katie said...

oh, that shirt is awesome! :)

Liz said...

I want one too ! If I ask real nice, would you give one to Santa to bring to me ?

Kim Watson said...

Lovely, lovely lovely!

I love that tee (& the pig-tails)....& you look gorgeous sweetie!

nicole said...

That is the coolest tee ever!!!!

Anonymous said...

That tee is too cool!

Anonymous said...

i love that shirt, i so have to get one!

Unknown said...

You are too cute!

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