Monday, August 26, 2013


Recently...I met these two lovelies for some much needed girl time. I'm always happy when they're in town for a visit.

Recently...Moya and Elijah spent the day with Allan's parents, and while there, taught them how to play Life.

Recently...Allan surprised me with flowers, just because he's awesome like that. I can't wait to record these with watercolor in my sketchbook.

Recently...this guy had a birthday. This giant cookie was birthday dessert number three for him. His mom made him a cake, I made him a cake, and then cookies. Oh, and chocolate dipped potato chips, which I guess makes it four desserts!

Recently...this boy got some of his Lego mini figs together. He's been working on a Lego game idea. Love how creative this boy is.

Recently...Elijah had a belt test. He moved up to orange belt, which is, by the way, his favorite color.

Recently...these boys had some guy time at the Hudsonville Fair. They ate caramel corn, walked the midway, through some animal barns, and...

watched a lot of this. Racing and crashes. Perfect for guy time.


Anonymous said...

Oh how I miss you sweet friend! Can't wait until we can do coffee again!

Anonymous said...

Way to go, Elijah, on getting your orange belt! I think my Cody would love to play his Lego game.
Sounds like it's been good times at your house recently.

Keshet said...

That cookie looks divine! Glad you are feeling good and doing well!

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