Wednesday, March 05, 2014

Art Journal Play

I have another art journal spread to share. This one showcases my favorite color, red, and it's complimentary, green.

I had it in my mind to add some leaves to the left page and after doing so, really did not like them. I may have liked them in a style similar to the rose, but the graphic feel just didn't seem to fit.

So I added some paper scraps and paint to cover them up. I like this much better, though still not completely. It was a fun exercise though, and I love the rose and the color combination.

What do you think? Do you like the first version with the graphic leaves or the current version without the leaves? I'm done with this page for now, but might come back to it again later and play some more...I'm thinking of adding white line drawings of more realistic looking leaves. Maybe. 

1 comment:

Shannon Brouwer said...

Cindy! I loved catching up with your blog - your art is amazing as always. :)

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